Hi there, I'm looking for strings that will be good in standard tuning and drop C tuning. So far, people have recommended:

1. Ernie ball Coated Regular Slinky (10-46)
2. Ernie Ball Slinky top/Heavy bottom set (10-52)
3. Ernie Ball Power Slinkys (11-48)

If you have any feed back on these or recommendations of your own, please do tell. Help is great appreciated.
For standard and Drop C, I'd go for the 10-52's. It will be tighter than normal in standard, and a little looser than usual in Drop C. Heavier than that and you might find it too tight in standard, and lighter will be too loose for Drop C.
It's tricky because ideally, you'd want a heavier gauge for drop C and a lighter gauge for standard. I seriously recommend having different gauges for each tuning, because I had a guitar in C standard once, using a heavy gauge (about 11-52, i think) and it felt fine in that tuning, but as soon as tuned it back to normal, the guitar went all whacky and the action messed up, making it impossible to play above the 10th fret or so. Plus my tremolo went almost perpendicular to the body from the increased tension. Trust me, get different strings for each tuning...
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The best thing I can recommend is to try the three of them out. Buy a pair of each, mount them on your guitar and find out which of them fits you best.
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I'd say a set of 11s of your brand of choice. In drop C they will feel pretty much like 10s in standard, and in standard they will feel tighter than usual, but still bearable
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Buy the 10-52's i have them on my guitar at the moment and they work great down to drop C, but i wouldn't recommend using them on any lower tunings as they get too loose.
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I use the Power Slinkys, which I find really good for drop D, but I rarely play any lower than that. Just buy a variety of different strings, and experiment until you find what's best. It's not as if Ernie Balls are that expensive anyway.
I'd go with 11-52 of a brand of choice. I used to have them on standard tuning, they went all the way to C Standard without trouble.
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earnie ball regulars. great for both drop C and B.
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Go with the 10-52's. You will want thicker strings for metal (which i assume you play) anyways.
Ps. I use those.
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