Hey i think the expression pedal on my me50 has become more sensitive, i dont have to press down as hard to switch it from volume to wah and back again. Istheir away to adjust it to make it less sensitive cause im quite heavy footed lol
go on BOSS's website and download the manual, it says in the back how to adjust the sensitivity of the expression pedal
yeah i tried that but it wont let me download it fer som mad reason is their any where else i cud get it?
yeah i go a hol of the manual and was able to set the value sfor the expression pedal BUT now the pedal wont switch to wah or any of the other effects at all! i tried reseting it to its factory settings but no luck...so a small problem is now a big one any suggestions lol
hey solvd he problem seems that its just a bit fussy with the value setting, the highest value i could set it to was 3 and after that i was unable to switch it on lol its a bit less harder to acitently trigger the wah now too so its all good! just had to set the value a few times lol