Somebody called in the morning
Woke me up
On the living room floor
The lights still on, eyes are burning
In a minute i'll turn them off

Think i need some water
If i can keep it
Down down
I crawl out of last nights clothes
Go and sit, down, in the shower

Breakfast of pills and vitamins
You gotta watch your health
Turn on the T.V. all soaps and cooking shows
Need the company

Yeah i'll do it tommorow
I'll do it tommorow, Say it everyday
But today is mine, Today theres time
Today I feel safe
Today all that I will think about
Is this head, heart and stomach ache
i rather like this except i feel the 3rd stanza's last line need to be reworked.. i do like it as it stands but i feel it could be changed a little for the better(maybe because i despise tv so horribly??haha)