We got a performance for June 16th or 17th. We will be performing Apache by The Shadows. Now we need one more song. Any suggestions?

Also the song should be easy to play. :P

Thanks In Advance,
go for imagine by john lennon, it's very simple, I know it was originally on the piano but there are piano guitar translations, it took me about 10 minutes to learn the intro and I haven't tried the verse yet, though I did take a glance at it, it's easy as well, it might not be your style, but hey it's a song.
You could always try either of these. They're pretty simple and instrument. I know there's a lot of guitars, but it wouldn't be too difficult to toss out a couple harmonies or even trying to play them yourself fingerstyle. Anyway, when you linked The Shadows, the Ventures were the first band to pop into my mind.