Just recently the ringing in my ears has gotten a lot worse.
I have been a musician for a lot of years.
I understand that there is no known cure yet... But i am looking at getting some treatment.
Does anyone else have any form of tinnitus? Any ideas for treatment?
Please share your thoughts...(and please no smart-ass comments! I am a full-time musician and i am seriously starting to worry about my hearing!)
commmon knowledge that whenever your ears ring you lose some of your hearing permanintly,you higher pitch hearing mostly,i read that in multiple places,includeing a issue of "wood & steel" a few months ago,thought it was interesting,sorry i cant help,but if my ears were ringing alot i would most definitly look into that.
It's never too late to start protecting your hearing. Maybe with luck (and preventing further damage) it will go away to some extent. I personally had to have my eardrum cut out and replaced last November due to childish, irresponsible behaviour on my part.
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I also suffer from tinnitus.Protecting your hearing will help it from getting worse .I've seen ads for pills that are supposed to make the ringing stop.I don't how or if they actually work.
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Get some earplugs like Elacin ER-15. You need decent one's like these as they have a much flatter frequency response than cheap ones, which just get rid of all of the treble.