Sup pit. Essentially, my situation is that I'm going to college later this year, I've been invited to be interviewed for two seperate courses, Music Tech and Music. I've been looking around and unless you're planning on becoming a teacher or play an orchestral instrument there aren't very many jobs that appear from studying a Music course.

So, I'm considering Music Tech much moreso, despite it being valued far less academically... but I'm struggling to find any sort of information on getting a job in the music industry and I was wondering what sort of jobs are available with just a college course solely based on music technology, though I might study it further at university if I have to.

So, here I am calling on the wise advice of the pit. Anybody else considered/has a career in music (Aside from gigging musicians)?

EDIT: If anybody has any links to stuff that might help me that'd be enormously appreciated. I've done a few searches and very few things have come up, I would love a career in music but a man's gotta eat! I need a solid fallback other than hoping to find likeminded dedicated musicians around my area
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Just be aware that in the music industry you start from the bottom. No matter what degree you come out with, you start your job making tea.
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the industry wont be around in a couple of years so learn origami instead

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Just be aware that in the music industry you start from the bottom. No matter what degree you come out with, you start your job making tea.

I understand that entirely man. It's just I figured I should do a bit of research to see where it could lead before I make any definite choices, starting from the bottom isn't an issue for me personally, I'm very motivated and dilligent (or so I'm told... :rolleyes
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the industry wont be around in a couple of years so learn origami instead

There always will be a market for origami bird figurines! How have I overlooked this all this time!
Take a production/engineering class. Bands are always going to need someone to track their albums and mix their songs well. Even if you don't do this 'professionally' under the umbrella of a record company, you can do it freelance and still make money off it.
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I know a couple of people working as studio techies and my girlfriends dad is a session musician with a few contacts (Ministry of sound and similar things... not my scene really :P) - Music Technology, well the course I'm intending to go on covers production and recording, sequencing and arranging etc, just fyi. I've got a bit of experience working on Cubase and Logic, I've recorded a few things before so I've got a littleee bit of production knowledge to get me started.
...I suppose I could always work freelance around any old job. Anybody have any idea of the sort of rates freelance producers and such get paid? Assuming the quality of the work is good and the like.
Well freelancers would be on contract so it all depends on who they get hired by.

But yea I think the best thing you could do is learn production/engineering.
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Alright, cheers guys. I think I'll settle on taking the course, might not be the most well paid lifestyle but it would presumably be pretty flexible and I would enjoy my job (provided I can get one ) so I guess I'll see how it ends up!
Open music industry jobs are nearly non-existent. There are thousands upon thousands of kids coming out of recording schools and have tons of industry training. Some have even gone to school for business and have tons of experience with promoting, licensing and distributing, A&R stuff, whatever. There just aren't jobs that can't be filled by someone with greater experience. My brother's been out of recording school for a good while now and has more experience with any of this than anyone I know. Save maybe some of the people that my band works with like our producers. But he's had zero job offers and no one's looking to hire, he says. You could start an independent business and gather your own clients, but don't expect to get a studio internship right after you graduate.
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