I support the idea. I might even participate.

But I'm going to reserve judgement until I hear the song and the tracks. As it is, we're trying to get people who have never met - about five or six so far - to compose something. We don't know who is going to record it, whether the performances themselves will be useful, or even whether or not the drums will be programmed.

This could potentially wind up a big clustertruck. ;-)

I would suggest to go with something that somebody has already written, and that we know is a half-way decent song, with half-way decent parts recorded. You can work with that. If it goes the other way, it will be pure torture.

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

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I believe it will be of good quality, as we have studio musicians recording. And I'm more than willing to use somebody's unmixed/mastered song, just nobody has offered any.

As for the judging, it will go in rounds. I'll break it up into groups, and the winners of group A, B, C, etc, will go into the finals. If enough people join this, there might even have to be three rounds. The Pit usually does a decent job of voting on things, so hopefully they help us out.