Here's my new mix of my old acoustic cover of Radiohead's Motion Picture Soundtrack. I've tweaked a few things to make it sound a little prettier. And now that I've got a little semi-solo project happening I may start including this in my set.

Also, if you like my little version of this song, you can download it for free! Yay for freebies!


Reply with a link to your stuff and I will return the crit
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That was brilliant. It works very well as a quiet acoustic lullaby, and the harmonies in the second verse crowns it all. Excellent job!
Such a fantastic song man, and you covered it extremely well in my opinion. Im always weary of Radiohead covers just because Thom Yorke has such a wide vocal range but you handled it beyond well, even the emotion behind it was fantastic. And as JeZZef mentioned adding the harmonies in the 2nd verse was phenomenal. You have nothing but respect from me for this cover! I'm lookin forward to hearing whatever you release next! Your extrememly talented. If you wouldnt mind doing a C4C I'd really appreciate your thoughts on any of the covers I've done. Heres the link!


Cheers for the crit dude, I really appreciate it!

I watched Further On Up The Road, and Sweet Home Alabama, and you've got some good stuff there. The guitar work in Sweet Home Alabama was pretty good, I was impressed that you played the riff and sung at the same time. The part that comes in at 0:42 kinda lost the feel of the song for a bit, like you weren't too confident playing that lick. The singing in this wasn't bad, a little wobbly, but you managed alright.

I wasn't too familiar with Further On Up The Road, so i checked out Sprigsteen's version first. Very cool song, I should listen to more of the Boss. You did a pretty good job here again, the guitar work was fine but your vocal abilities let you down a little.

Overall man, all I can say is keep doing what your doing! Maybe get a singer to give you some pointers on vocal techniques to give you more power and control. And invest in some recording gear :P
My pleasure man. Thanks for your crit to! I still consider myself self to be quite an amateur vocalist. I only started taking singing seriously after I posted my first cover video about 7 months ago. I dont know any great vocalists at the moment but im constantly searching for ways to improve my voice. Its one of the reasons I'm consistently asking people such as yourself to crit my videos. Im a firm believer in the idea of "practice makes perfect" so I just keep trying my best for now and I hope it will serve me well.

As far as recording gear goes im just far to broke to afford any for now, hence why I record everything with my iPhone. I really appreciate the advice though man, I enjoy setting new goals for myself musically and trying to acheive them. So thank you once more. I'd definetly reccommend you start listening to Springsteen if you already dont. In my opinion he's made some of the most important music in the last 40 years, so its definetly worth while to check out some more of his music