Just picked up a brand new ESP M1 standard. It was great the first few weeks. Out of the blue, I started losing gain. Thought the battery was dying (unlikely after 2 weeks), so I changed it. Same thing, no gain. But all of a sudden, I got all of the sound back.

I've discovered that this issue has something to do with the volume knob. What's happening is that the volume is getting "stuck" in a low position, resulting in little to no gain. The volume knob is also not functional, all of the time. You can turn it all the way down, and sound is still outputted into the amp or headphones. The issue is sporadic and sometimes the guitar operates normally. The symptoms appear as if the battery is low (distorted, muted sound), but it is definitely not

Has anyone seen an issue like this? I am switching cables now, just to make sure that is not it....The guitar was plugged directly into an RP1000 each time. I'm going to try going directly into my amp now....
Just plugged guitar directly into amp. No volume at all. Plugged it into RP1000 and RP1000 into amp, and I got sound. And then the volume knob started working

Then plugged ESP directly into amp and it was normal, volume level normal, volume knob worked. Very weird. I hope I don't have to return this guitar