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I have an Ibanez GSR200FM that i gutted and put nordstrand p/j pickups in with an aguilar-obp-3 preamp wired to vol-vol-trbl-bass-mid psh/pll - atv/psv switch running off 2 9 volts. my problem is the batteries get chewed up so quick, within 2 weeks (i do not leave the cable plugged in or the active switch on). What I need help with is my ibanez stereo output jack (the barrel kind with 3 prongs) and how to make it so my active passive switch is in fact a switch.


I followed this diagram, and I have everything where it should be in regards to the pots and pickups. However, I have concerns with my grounds (which is what I believe is draining my batteries so quickly). i can clear everything up, i think, with an explanation of the output jack I have.

3 prongs: 1 has the grounds from the vol pots, active passive switch and the aguilar preamp all connected with the grounding wiring going to my bridge. the smallest prong has a different wire from the switch connected. finally, I have the black wire from the batteries connected to the last prong.

I know this cant be right. So, someone give an explanation of the output jack I have and maybe an explanation of where everything needs to go? Thanks.
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I have no idea about your problem, but bloody good to see you here again.

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the output works easy its just one hot and the ring/sleeve both act as grounds also i would ground the pots to each other and the bridge ground to one of the pots

looks like the easiest way would be to wire a spst switch in the ground of the battery so it would work as an on off switch to cut the power
so from the battery would goto the center pole of the switch and then the second pole would goto ring in on position it would complete the circuit off position it would have an incomplete circuit so it would be passive
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good to see you guys too! in regards to selkies: I know all about normal output jacks, this one is a barrel 3 pronged one (i cant find a diagram anywhere on how to wire it). I know the ring/sleeve/tip thing, that's fairly straightforward, thing is with these barrels you cant see where the prongs go to.

EDIT: Also, I have an active/passive switch. I don't need 2 switches, one for the active passive and one for the batteries because that's essentially what the active passive switch alone is trying to accomplish.

Double DEDIT: look what i found!

according to this, the prong to the right of the hot is the ground. See, I have my battery hooked up to that, and my everything else hooked up to the battery prong. Silly me, the batteries are always on, and grounded lol. My batteries have been pumping right into, and out of, my bass. Ah well, that's solved I believe. Unfortunately, once I fix this my active/passive switch will cease to be a kill-switch (i hope). No more buckethead-esque tapping for this guy.
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