im starting to write my own songs and ive came up with a main melody but i cant get a good chord progression help
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What key is the song in? Are you planning on switching keys?

the first note of the melody is A i might change keys throughout the song
just watever key ur in if its major take the key one and a half steps back and make it a minor and visa versa and then take the 1, 4, and the 5 in and mix them up however you like for instance G (1) Em (natural minor) C (4) and D (5) or something like that with the key it's in.
Write out some of the notes of your entire melody if you aren't familiar with keys. It should be pretty easy for me to see what key you are in.
So, to reiterate, whats the first chord?
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A: look for the strong/accented notes disregarding any suspension (obviously just use the note below), then look through your chord chart and see the common tones etc etc. theory theory theory

failing this, plan B: play whatever sounds good, and learn theory on the way.