FS UK: Few pedals for sale (RC20XL, EHX Metal Muff, Blackstar Dist-x, Noise Gate)

Got a Blackstar DistX in its original box and with original PSU. Absolutely fantastic pedal, extremely versatile that can do everything from a light tinge of drive to all out filth. In as new condition, no problems to report and it is built like a brick shithouse. Looking for £90 posted please.

This is the Artec Noise Gate. Bought on a whim, but I don't actually need it! It is in brand new condition, with box and manual etx, and pretty self explanatory in terms of its usage!

Looking for £25 posted.

A great condition and great sounding pedal here, from a reputable brand EHX.

Great distortion for metal (does exactly what it says on the tin) and it is the Top Boost version meaning that it acts as a boost as well as a distortion.

Sadly it doesn't come with a PSU or box, but shall be securely posted and runs off the typical 9V supply.

£45 delivered.

Again, on behalf of a mate (the same one) having a bit of a clearout.

Pretty unsure of the value of this, but based on eBay sales he is looking for £150 posted.

Had a quick mess around with it and it really is a fantastic looper, very versatile and I only managed to work out the basic gist of things.

Sadly it is unboxed and has no PSU, but runs off a standard 9V supply that I'm sure most people have.

Pictures can be found for all of the items on my photobucket link here:




I don't suppose that Dano transparent overdrive is up for sale is it?
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