I use a Fender Hot Rod Deville 212, mainly with a Gibson LP studio.
the clean channel is A++, I even play my semi-acoustic guitar trough it and it sounds amazing. However... I have 2 problems with this amp:

1) The high pitched sounds are very 'sharp' and 'harsh' on my ears, on higher volumes you do not want to stand in front of the amp, it'll make your ears bleed, like literally, even with the treble and presence knob down. Any way I can fix this?

2) The gain- and more gain channels are only about 25% of the amount of gain I need. I recently started playing more modern rock stuff, like Flyleaf and even Tool, I'm talking real tight deep-end rythm sounds... Needless to say the HRD212 does not quite cut it for these kinds of sounds. I've put a boss DS-1 and a EHX little big muff in front of it but it still doesn't quite sound OK.

I 've heard a few things I could do:
- change the tubes to make the amp sound more agressive
- play the amp trough a closed back Marshall 4X12 cab
- change speaker polarity (did that, helped a bit)
- change speakers from fenders to celestions

but do these 'mods' or 'additions' really make that much of a difference? Is this kind of sound possible on a HRD212 at all? Or should I just save the money on mods and look for a high-gain amp like a (used) JCM900 or a Bugera?

what's my best option here (without spending loads of money )

I'm sure many of you people on this forum have experience with the Hot Rod Deville series, and I know many have tried to get some decent gain out of this amp...

what's the best thing to do? let me know

many thanks.
A good distortion pedal is your only real option for more gain. You'll get better tone with different speakers and a different character overdrive with different tubes but nothing will get you high gain with that amp other than a distortion pedal. When I had a hot rod deluxe I liked the sound I got with a blackstar ht distortion pedal.
Pm me if you've got some pedals to sell
well to change the high pitched highs you could change the resistor on the treble pot to a higher value
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1) maybe try beam blockers or something similar? I haven't tried them myself, though.

2) big problem with a lot of those things, as you say, is the expense, plus if you're not careful you'll kill your nice cleans (with perhaps only slight improvement in the driven tones).

I'd go with good quality pedals. or as you said, a second amp and a/b for cleans and dirt.
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Swapping the speaker out for a Celestion will cut the high end and make your drive tone better but will most likely also cut the high end sparkle of the clean channel.

In my opinion your best bet would be to get a high gain pedal (A DS1 or Big Muff won't cut it for the modern stuff) with an adjustable EQ or tone knob- that way you can set the EQ on the pedal for more low end and mids and less highs . Effectively allowing you to have crushing distortion coupled with a sparkling clean.
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a distortion pedal is probably your best bet, but here is something i have done:

I have a hot rod deluxe and I'll use the more gain channel with the gain around 6 or 7 and then boost it with my ibanez ts9. I also use an isp decimator to get rid of feedback. It isn't a perfect metal tone, but it is passable. It works well for more post hardcore sounding stuff. Now keep in mind this will not sound amazing. It is just an idea that I am passing along because I had decent results with it.
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Turn down the tone/volume on your guitar to cut the highs then. Use the neck pickup if you have one.

I have a Blues Deluxe, which is pretty much the same as the HRD (there's a small gain structure difference) And I use either a Crunchbox (cheapest high gain boutique pedal) or a wampler triple wreck (pricey, but sounds great for tool).

Regardless, the HRD will have a loose bassy sound, that's the way it is.
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