I have an old Ibanez stagestar(Fat Strat knockoff) and I've noticed that when I plug it into my tuner it reads a B unless I have the switch in the 2nd position(the neck and middle pickup working together). This has been happening for awhile and my question is can this be fixed or is this just how the guitar was designed. If it can be fixed I'm looking to spend little to no money on repairs if it can be avoided. Any input helps
Singlecoil hum is my guess. Natural. Dont worry about it.
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Does it make noise when its plugged into the amp or does your tuner just give a reading?

Its both, but when I lowered the pickups the humming was tolerable unti I switched from the clean channel to the crunch channel on my line 6 amp then I get horrible feedback
That's a 60 cycle hum from the single coils. Most strats have it, it's why humbuckers were invented. You get a B note because 60 cycles is 60hz which is ~B.
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You shouldn't have single coil hum when it's plugged into a tuner; there's little to no gain added to the signal. Your pickup(s) might have a bad ground wiring, or they could even be microphonic.

so if their microphonic is potting the best option or is a noise gate?