Hi, I have recently decided to start a solo guitar project, a Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Jason Becker sort of thing.
I am learning a few songs to play with backing tracks until i find a good drummer and second guitarist and bassist, but do any of you have any advice?!
Do you have long hair? If so, invest in some sort of blowing fan (not an innuendo) to have infront of you at all times.
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Now, isn't it a shame?
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And cause each other pain...

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In general? Uhh...

You should eat food and drink water.

You should check both ways before crossing the road.

You shouldn't text while driving.

Hope that helps!
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heal me,
Lift me back up to the Sun
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I have long hair, the fan idea sounds good. Didnt help much for a guitar player Firenze, but thanks for the enlightenment ;]
I am writing things at the minute and recording with Music Maker 17, not the best but they're sounding ok!
Might try to wrte an album/ep and sell some copies when i get a few decet gigs too. Bit of money always helps, but is there any way i can get attention as a guitar player? Will shredding in public while busking help?
It's hard enough to find members to join a band, much less a 'solo project' from a 16 year old shredder.
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RetroGunslinger, might take your offer.
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