Thanks for commenting on my youtube page ;-)

Good playing dude, not perfect but still good !!
I know the chord changes are difficult so mabye concentrate on that part if you want to perfect it.

Keep on rocking dude !!!


PS: Your juggling skillz are AWESOME !!!
Sounds really good dude, the nylon acoustic gives it a wicked medieval greensleeves-ish vibe. It's not 100% spot on yet, but it still sounds really good. I recognised it and I had completely forgotten how the pirates theme went. Good stuff, keep it up.
Heard a tiny mistake here and there, but no biggie. Good job man, I like the fingerstyle action going on. Learn this by ear? Or did you get some tabs?

Crit and Check out a cover of an ADTR song I did?


EDIT: XDD I just realised that I typed nearly the same thing as the person above me...fail
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