I've been trying to get a soloing tone I'm comfortable with using the gear I have, but I haven't been successful. I would really like something similar (I know it's impossible with mediocre gear) to Zappa's tone on Shut Up n' Play Yer Guitar (Please, no bullshit cliché phrases about wanting to achieve other guitarist tone)

My gear:
Greco SUpersounds Strat, 3 single coil pickups, 3 way selector (great guitar)
Digitech DF-7 Distortion (It can emulate a Tubescreamer, Proco Rat and Big Muff decently)
Digitech Digidelay (I'm pretty happy with this one)
Danelectro Fab Chorus (Meh)
The amp depends of the place I play (Home, friend's house or school), but I would love some EQ tips anyway.

So, I know it's a lot to ask for, but how can I get close to Frank's Tone?
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It's impossible to emulate Zappa's tone PERIOD.
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The amp's gonna be the biggest variable in the equation.
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as i recall frank was using mainly humbuckers so that may be the place to start. regular single coils like i assume are in your strat probably aren't going to get you franks tone from that time period. really need to know what amp you are using (one you own). frank tended to use excellent gear and was very particular about his sound. the Distortion factory pedal probably won't get you there so i'd do some research into what frank was using (keeping your amp in mind). this has been said many times here but i'll repeat it, you can't expect to get the sound of someone like frank zappa with mediocre gear (and no offense but yours might not even really qualify for mediocre in relation to what frank was using.) you have to have the basic buiklding blocks (ie decnt guitar and amp) and then you can go from there.