How the fuck do you have $15,000 cash lying around? What are you up to mister? ¬_0
I sell myself on the weekends.

It's a combination of savings, money I haven't had to spend on college due to scholarships and selling my current car.
Having driven both I can say that, hands down, I personally would choose the Mazda 3. However, the only way to know what is best for you is to drive them both yourself. I would also recommend that you drive more than 2 cars. Drive 4 or 5 in your price range. You never know what you may find.
The Fuckus is a better deal, but if you get that, then you have to deal with driving around a Fuckus.

Mazdas are pretty reliable cars, as long as they have been taken care of. This is what I would get. (I really don't like Ford cars)

And I'll tell you what I tell everyone that I have ever heard is buying a car: TAKE IT TO A TRUSTED MECHANIC AND HAVE THEM CHECK EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU SIGN OR PAY ANYTHING.
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This seems pretty much like a no-brainer, the ford has half the mileage and costs less, as well as looking cooler...

The only car I know that can top a Ford Focus on ugliness is a Prius.
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The only car I know that can top a Ford Focus on ugliness is a Prius.

I don't know. My dad recently bought a Focus SES and I think his looks pretty good. It's identical to this one:

Those Mazdas are a blast to drive. I'd definitely go with that one, though I'd try to get the price down a bit.
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I had tried both. Mazda 3 with engine 2.0 kicks ass to Ford Focus.
But Mazda 3 with engine 1.6 is slow as a turtle!

Edit: Ohh you put links. It seems the models are a bit different for what we have back down at chile!

Go to check them, but i will get mazda 3 with 2.3 engine eyes clossed
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Have you looked up some consumer reports on either car? any kind of reviews?

personally i like the mazda 3.

i'm hoping to replace my car (95 grand am) soon, but I'm hoping i can get a new car. really looking at either a chevy cruze or toyota tacoma.

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I have a Centennial Zetec Focus. 2 litre engine, bodykit and mags come as standard.... Only 250 were ever made....

I love it.
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Mazda. Always go Japanese, unless you're buying a truck or a supercar.
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The Mazda 3 is $16k brand new. Give them a sick down payment (say $10k), then finance the rest.
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Get the Ford. It's an American company.

protip: companies don't make any profit off used car sales.

and yes the mazda 3 is better.
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Really for 15k you could get something way nicer than those cars :P look around a bit more.
American cars suck. You can probably get more miles out of the Mazda than the Ford, even with a higher current millage. Go with that.