I know one song and one song only: Living on a prayer.
I want to expand though, learn new things. So, what would ya'll say is the EASIEST rock song on guitar to play?

No cappo, drop d or standered tuning.
Only know open chords and dominent sevens.
classic rock?...try "Locomotive Breath" by Jethro Tull or any CCR
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smells like teen spirit is the first I was taught (albeit a simplified version). I'd go with that.
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Ya can always play any rock on an acoustic. Some will sound better than others. Develop it a bit and call it yer "own" sound?? Sure! Ya can't do the electric slides and effects stuff; but if ya make something up to fill that void, it will be stellar!
Listen to some of the bigs do "unplugged" vs of their "standards" ta give you a clue.

oasis! Live Forever and Don't Look Back In Anger are very easy. Wonderwall looks hard on paper if you don't know the chords yet but in reality it is super easy once you try it. Your ring and pinky fingers never even move!

You could also try Green Day When I Come Around. Audioslave's I Am The Highway is pretty easy too if you can play a barre F and a Dm, I know those were a bit tough for me when I first started.
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Here I go again - Whitesnake (I really like the way it sounds on acoustic)

I don't think it has any barre chords, but might have a weird one here and there.

I was trying to think of another one, but my mind is blank
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try tenacious D...most of their stuff is easy to play

^^This, JUST DO IT!!
silversun pickups stuff sounds great on acoustic
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