Is this a reliable website? I was going to order from MusiciansFriend but GC has 15% off until tomorrow.

Will the either one be set up better? Or are they exactly the same?

All of the big store, Guitar Center, Sam Ash, and Musicians Friend has weekly sales. I have ordered from all three just wherever one is cheaper than the other. One thing to look for is FREE SHIPPING and NO TAXES. You might pay a little more on one site but then save that in taxes and shipping. Also Amazon sells most items also with no tax and shipping. Feel it out and if needed wait another week and one of the other stores will have a sell

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I have ordered from both and had not issues. Like Johnny said, find the cheapest and get it from there.
Also if you are european, check out www.thomann.de, they ship all around europe (free on orders over 200 euros) and have never failed to offer me the best service of any shop I order from.
I called musiciansfriend and asked why the 10% coupon wasn't working and the lady said it's not available for Ibanez guitars but she can apply it but i have to order through the phone. i can either get 10% off and no tax from MF or 15% and tax from GC.

sales tax is 6% i think so i think MF is the better deal. i just don't wanna order through the phone... i guess 1% is worth the convenience of ordering online.
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I think with guitars it's best to try before you buy so I tend to go to the local guitar shop. Guitar's are all different even different guitars of the same model. Plus it would be a shame if all the guitar shops closed down cos of the internet. Costs a bit more but I think it's worth it for the service you get - as long as it's a decent shop like my local one is.