Cool man. The instruments sound good, it's about as melodic as this genre of music comes. I did however find most of the guitar work pretty simple and at times they didn't mash with the drums well. The solo was sorta painful tbh, you could have done a lot better with the tone and the last note just didn't do it for me. Did you do the vox as well? The only critique I can offer there is that your scream/growl isn't very powerful. Could be your mic, but it sounds to me like your technique. I think you could work a lot more on belting those screams from your diaphragm, they sound nasaly and thin.

Hope I don't come off as a jerk, just trying to offer up my opinion. Feel free to do the same in my thread


No man your not a jerk, thanks for the feedback, this our first full song, so im still learning, ya I did the vocals, Im still working on screaming, and the guitar was a little akward after adding the keyboards, so ya ill work on it
My first impression when I heard this, was that it needed less mix compression. I'd say sacrifice some volume, and back off the compressor/limiter on the master bus. You should hear your mix come to life. Then again, recently soundcloud seems to be doing weird things to some mixes. Still, judging by the sheer volume, and the weird way the keys are pumping at the start I'd say there's a little too much compression going on there. Let your listeners turn up their volume control, rather than trying to compete with the big guns, I don't think many of us here can do that.

I agree mostly with cm880999, and if you're still working on screaming, be careful, as incorrect technique can lead to injury. The solo shows off some truly sick playing, and starts off pretty well too I think, but seems to get lost somewhere along the way - it almost felt as if the licks had been written individually then put together in random order. Also, that song ending is a bit abrupt - there's so much reverb in the mix, for everything to just stop like that sounds unnatural. Try bringing all the instruments (but not overheads or cymbals!) To a quick stop, but letting your DAW render the decay of the reverb. It'll actually make the sudden silence all the more profound.

I don't know if there's a bass guitar... if there is one, give it some more room in the mix - it'll hold the centre of the piece together, and probably make the whole thing feel tighter. If there isn't, you could maybe use some of those low pitched strings panned dead centre and playing simple pedal notes to make everything sound a bit more cohesive.

Ooh, and the snare's disappearing a bit sometimes, maybe you can fix this with EQ, maybe automation.

However, don't be disillusioned. There is loads of potential in this song. While most of the riffs are pretty simple, they're also catchy enough to work. The instruments seem to have been recorded pretty cleanly, which is always a good start, and will allow you lots of freedom when mixing. Everything seems to have been played pretty tightly. The vocal might actually sound spookily cool with a little compression and the right EQ to help it sit between the guitars and cymbals, and could complement those dark, gothic sounding keys. Do look at reducing those eSSes a little bit though.

As a whole, compositionally, this is probably above average if you ask me. I like it better than a lot of stuff I've heard off bands like Norther, anyway, haha. Really, just back off the mix compression, and you'll be half way there. I hope I don't sound overly critical in this post, because I can tell a lot of work has gone into this, and I think the song itself is sound, there's just some areas need work.

If you fancy taking a look at mine, it's over here. Same sort of thing as yours, but a little less 'melo.'
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I like the intro synths. The drums sound like they're going at 5,000 beats/minute. I like the harpsichord sound. I think the vocals are good for the genre (I'm not typically a death metal fan).
The synths were my favorite part actually. Guitar playing is tight even though the tempo is very fast. Rock on! Please review my music at this link:

i think you should bring the vocals out more, it was kind of hard to hear them against the other instruments. it sounded like a standard melo-death track to me, which is good. i would suggest changing the drum parts up more, it sounds a little too repetitive. have them accent what youre singing.

i liked the buildup to the solo section, it helped bring the song to its peak. the solo itself was alright, it worked and fit with the song. let that last note on the solo ring and fade out. overall all good job, keep at it.

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