Hey guys me and my buddy have started this thing where we'll sit down and write out a song for a couple hours and start recording until its done-ish. We've got two covers and two originals knocked out in a few days. I'd like it if I could get some feedback on how it all sounds. I'm a guitarist that tinkers with recording using Sonar 8.5. And everything about recording I have just sat down and taught myself so I could use some constructive criticism.

Here is one of our originals: Ghost From the Past

And here is a cover of 99 Problems: 99 Problems

We have two more (one is a zombie song) that you can go and take a look at on Youtube that is under our username (SelflessHabits).

Oh and somebody asked us what genre we play lol . What genre would you consider Ghost From the Past?

I look forward to some feedback guys!
Repost the original song in the Original Recording section and the cover in the Covers section. This thread will get locked.