This is probably a really silly question to ask but iv been looking at a line 6 studio gx so i can do a little recording and just generally use the Pod Farm features, but i would also like to record through my amp an AC15 TBX is this possible? or am i limited to the Pod Farm interface settings?
A big part of the tone from those Vox combos amps comes from the speaker and housing itself so if you want to get a tone similar to what you hear from the amp, your best bet is to mic it. If you choose to do so, you'll need to get an interface with an XLR input.
Hmm that sounds a bit more complicated i basically just want something to practise with a bit quietly so i dont keep annoying people lol your definatly right about the chasis speaker thing i didnt really take that into the equation. Something that i can record the rhythm part of songs and record the lead parts over that and have the ablilty to play along with backing tracks and also not have to buy tons of pedals to get the effects i would like. I dont really want to spend much more than £100 either.
The GX is great for what you just described. It's inexpensive, easy to use, and POD Farm is pretty powerful. I'd say go for it. Just remember that it has to be plugged in to a computer to actually work, you can't use it like a POD Live or any of the stomp box models; all the tones are modeled via software.
ah thats good because i was considering a boss looper pedal or something similar for that sorta thing but it just seem so expensive for what it actually done, thanks for your help, iv got like a dvd sony surround sound system in my room will that be good enough on the speaker side of things? If not my dad has two old celestions that just need housing but i dont know if there any good lol.
For just casual jamming and recording, using a speaker system like that isn't so bad. If you get serious and want to work on mixing your own music and what not, studio monitors are a good investment. However, for what you're starting off doing, the surround sound system should be totally fine.