Heys guys, my band wrote a new song and I need to hear some feedback.


Here it is, i tried to add some tapping parts, and sweeps. Although sometime it seems like the sweeps are a bit too difficult for me to handle.

Oh yeah by the way disregard the odd techno shit at the end.

Thanks and i will also C4C if you want.
You did a pretty good job with the sweeping and tapping stuff man, that stuff's tricky so don't be too hard on yourself. I didn't hear many sour notes. I think a lot of it sounds a little out of place though, just sorta tossed into the riffs if you know what I mean. But if that's how you arranged it on purpose, then hell more power to you. After all, it's your song. I dug the half time feel at the end, you should have done more of that in the song. Overall good job.

We tried having songs with structure and what not, but its not really our style.

Thanks for the feedback