I'm thinking of getting my guitar re-finished. anyone know how much that would cost (in canadian dollars please)
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Depends what it is, what you want doing, what the finish is currently like, how much time it'll take to do, how big the company is that supplies the service...

I can't quote a price cuz I haven't the slightest. It's definitely not gunna be cheap.

To make it cheaper though, before you take the guitar to get it done, obviously take all the hardware off. Like, all of it. Wiring, the lot. And sand down the finish until you get to the wood. Do this to a decent standard and don't rush it. This will take a lot of time off that it takes to refinish a guitar. Maybe if you buy the paints and stuff, it might be cheaper. Save them buying it and it might save time because if they don't have the colours in, they might have to order it in.

Just make sure you're 100% certain about doing it.

If I remember rightly, I looked it up for an Epi Les Paul Black Beauty and I think it was about £250 - 300 for what I wanted done.
I have an eleca DGT-1, with a black finish and I want to replace it with a canadian flag, that help?
I like shotguns. thats all you need to know
Honestly it will cost more than the guitar is worth. If you want it to be done well then any design finish is going to run you a couple of hundred, if not three or four if you want it done in nitro or you want any other special metallic effect or burst over or anything like that. Hell even just a solid colour poly finish is going to cost about CAD$200 if you want it done well.
Like the other guys are saying, getting someone else to refinish it for you'd probably cost too much to be worth it. However, you could do what WholeLottaIzzy said, then paint it yourself, which is what I'd do. Pretty much all you'd need is a can each of red and white spraypaint, some tape(to use as a stencil of sorts) and some sort of clear coat finish to put on top of that, I believe. My friend pretty much did that with his acoustic and it turned out nicely, though he only put clearcoat on the part he painted, and he never took off the clearcoat that was there before, so it looks sort of odd. Regardless, it'd be MUCH cheaper to do yourself, just remember not to do just one little layer!
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