Not even sure if this is the right term but I need some advice regarding powering multiple pedals without requiring and individual power supply for each pedal. After doing some research online I found that it is possible to accidentally kill your pedals if you don't know what you're doing, which is why I'm here.

Obviously I don't want to kill my pedals, but my pedalboard looks like an absolute mess and I really need to try to become economic regarding the amount of plugs in my power strip so if anyone would be as kind as to explain to me what materials and knowledge I need before embarking on this daisy chaining journey.

If t helps the pedals I intend on powering are a Boss DS-2, Boss OD-2, EHX Big Muff Pi, EHX Small Clone, MXR Phase 90 and Dunlop Wah. It also appears the EHX Pedals have different inputs (been running them on batteries so far...) Also links to generally accepted power-supplies for this kind of situation would be infinitely appreciated!

Hope this isn't too confusing or dumb of a question, and thanks in advance to the helpful responses!
You need to find the power draw of each pedal. Then find an appropriate power supply. The most common is the Boss PSA adapter which I believe can power up to 240mA. I use one of those and cheap Maplin power adapter which can power up to 500mA. As long as the total draw of your pedals (daisy chained or not) does not exceed that of the power supply you should be fine. Also remove the batteries from pedals that are powered from by AC adapters.

EHX pedals are provided with their own power supplies I believe so just use them for that.

FYI overdrive/distortion pedals and things of that nature tend to draw very little power and things like delays, reverbs and the like tend to consume much more. You can find out the power draw of each pedal in its documentation or online.

Some manufacturers state that their pedals sound better when powered by battery. I believe this is often the case with fuzz pedals. Not sure why though.

If you really want to neaten things up you could use something like the Voodoo Lab Power brick to power multiple pedals.

Hope that helps
i use the voodoo labs power +

that particular unit has adapters for your EHX pedals. all-in-all a really classy unit with clean power and lots of flexibility. it is a bit expensive though.

looks like you may be able to get away with a 'one-spot'. i believe they have the adapters for ehx pedals as well, but it is a bit cheaper unit and you can get some noise with it in more complex situations.

as Duv mentions, you need to find the current draw. you also need to make sure you match voltage and polarity to ensure noiseless/problem-free operation. you can get this info by researching your pedals. sorry, there is no quick fix.
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