Especially the kick-in.

If that is the sort of thing you spit out you should consider bottling it or something.
Had a very "Dark Side of the Moon" Pink Floyd vibe to it

Until the kick-in at the end. Then it sounded more like All that Remains

They were both awesome in their own regard but I just couldn't picture them together in the same song man.

I am impressed that you have an ear for these two vastly different emotions. You should separate them and build two songs out of them!
Very awesome song man! As mentioned before, the kick in was really cool! By the way, if you want a real drum track, I can hook you up with one!
Thanks guys! Never had responses as positive as these before :P

The parts are now split and I will work them further into two tracks.

Thanks again!
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I really like this first part. I like the change a lot also. How it catches by surprise. Although I would keep it as one track because I think the change is cool! There maybe be a bit to much delay in the first part and the snare a bit thin in the last part.

If your still doing C4C.... https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1446549