So i am doing an overhaul on my bass...again. I was really antsy to get it stained, wired, and playable so i cut some corners. Anyways, i am going back over my work and changing some things. Currently, my p/j pups are wired in parallel. I wanted to hear some input about wiring in series and out of phase.

I found some diagrams, but they involve a 3 way selector and and push/pull (it was a tele diagram).

What I need is a diagram showing how to change my current parallel p/j 2 vol pot set-up into one with a push/pull switch that changes between parallel and series/out of phase selection.

For those it may concern: http://www.bestbassgear.com/wiring-diagrams/obp3-v-v-t--mpp-b-ap.pdf

that is my exact wiring diagram. my j pickup, however, has 3 wires. the hot goes to the vol like shown, and the 2 others are soldered together and grounded.
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You might be better off asking this in the Gear Building and Customizing Forum. I'm sure it has come up on that one before.
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