Hey everyone,
I've been playing bass for around 3 years and I feel the need to get a guitar because I want to "expand my musical horizons". I want to pick up guitar to help with songwriting and just for the experience of learning a different instrument. Since the guitar center next to me is having it's memorial weekend deals, I thought that this would be the Perfect time to get a starter guitar.

I was thinking about getting the squier bullet because it is relatively cheap and has a lot of good reviews on the site. It costs $119. What do u guys think? Also I was just planning on playing the guitar through my bass amp for at least a little while. Would that be ok to do? Please help me out and feel free to give suggestions! Thanks!
I think a Squier Strat is fine.

I don't think playing Guitar through a bass amp is the best thing to do, although it will work.
I've tried playing a guitar through a bass amp before. It was a last resort. It wasn't pretty. If you do have to do it due to doller shortage, it'll just motivate you to buy a decent amp when you can spare the money.
yeah, the newer model Squier Strats are pretty good.

Playing a guitar through a bass amp is okay, just not the reverse - bass through a guitar amp will f*(k it up. The tone, of course, will not be the best guitar tone.
Depends what kind of amp it is I guess. I love playing through a bass amp.

Check on craigslist though, you might find one used and modded for pennies.
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I guess Stratocaster's are good guitars,
what type of music do you play?
Some guitars are better for other types of music than others. (Example, Hollowbodie's suit Jazz and Blue's, Don't yer think about it for metal).
Might want to get an guitar amplifer, a simple 15-40 watts would do, my 15 watt Peavy Backstage ampflier has the volume turned alittlebit below 1, and its extremely loud. I turned it up to 10 and a statue fell off the top of the mantlepeice and landed on the floor.
And my ears were ringing for ages (A great delay/reverb effect if you want to make fun of it!).
As a bass player you'll be used to the thicker strings, so get yourself a thicker set of strings for your guitar (Although tension will be greater).
the strat should be just fine. they aren't anything special, but its a reliable and easy to use guitar

as far as using your bass amp, you can but it wont sound good. bass amps are designed for a completely different host of frequencies and whatnot, so guitars tend to sound a little goofy through them. that being said, its not like you'll damage the bass amp with a guitar (guitar amp with a bass is a whole different story though)