Basically the strings on my guitar are really loose, my highest string even goes off the neck way too easily and stuff...

But they're in tune. Idk if theres something I have to tighten or not to fix this, so I was wondering if you guys knew?

This is on my b.c. rich warlock, bridge is floyd rose.
Yeah E standard, and I forget the gauge, its one of the defaults though from what I remember.
Use a thicker string gauge? Although strings will feel looser over time as they stretch out.
If there 9-42's try 10-46 etc. since its a floydd you may have to do some slight adjustments.
Yeah, agreed. Sounds like you need to up the gauge and rebalance the bridge.
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Defeintly get a thicker gauge. The guage and tuning is one of the main factors affecting tension, like if you tune up, the tension gets higher, tune down, your strings start to feel like rubber bands....