This is a continuation of my Marshall MG post earlier. This is where the post eventually lead me.

I'm hoping on getting a new amp next year when I graduate. So I decided to come here to UG to see if "the people" could put me in a more definite direction.

Budget: My budget is $500-$1000. Some money is meant for a new guitar, but it's not that important, I'm focusing on the amp.

Genres: I mostly play hard/alternative rock, punk rock, and metal (various kinds, sans modern metal). Clean tones are not that important, but they would be nice to have. My favorite guitar players are James Hetfield, Johnny Ramone, Steve Jones, Billie Joe Armstrong, Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl, and Pat Smear (those are who I could name off the top of my head). I'm primarily a rhythm guitarist.

New or Used?: No preference.

It's important that I can use the amp both at home and at a gig. I play frequently at home and being able to use that same sound at both locations would be a big plus.

I live in San Jose, CA. There are multiple music stores about, including two large Guitar Centers and Rocker Guitars close by in San Francisco.

My rehearsal/gig rig is my Epiphone Les Paul Standard ( ) straight to either a Fender Fronttman 25R (cranked, but it works in rehearsals) and a Fender 100 watt (DSP 100? it's my drummers so I'm not sure what it is exactly) at gigs.

VERY IMPORTANT: I do not like pedals. They get in the way and I prefer to straight rock it. So it is important that the amps gain and volume can hold up.

All help is greatly appreciated!
From a thread asking if it is safe to tell someone the serial number on your amp:
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omg dont do it! he can hack your amp get the b00tiful t00b t0anz