The first song 'Oh Yeah' I wrote a while back but have been making little changes here and there over the past two weeks or so and I've decided to post it now. The bass in that song is kind of eh at times but overall I like the song quite a bit especially the section starting at bar 41. Hopefully I harmonized everything in the song well. I'll leave it up to you guys to decide.

The other song 'Nothing At All' is a song I just wrote today so some changes will probably be made and I'll most likely extend it, but I'd like some feedback on it so far. I like the solos and stuff I got in there but the song kind of sounds too much like one section at times so eh. Any help would be nice or just feedback and what you like/don't.

Critic for critic and whatnot. Listen to with RSE and headphones, etc
Oh Yeah.gp5
Oh Yeah.gp4
Nothing At All.gp5
Nothing At All.gp4
Sounds like a lot of other things you post, try going out of your comfort zone and doing a faster tempo'd song. Cos IMO this is quite boring, it sounds like your not thinking hard about the melodies from your guitar and you're just cramming random notes. I don't mean to be harsh but that's just what it sounds like. It sounds like you're new to writing so in all honesty you've done an alright job, interesting chords and whatnot but you need to focus on making individual sections and putting them together. In both the ones you've posted you need to have some kind've direction and me being the listener I think it lacked any kind of purpose and momentum. This is all constrctive critism to help you improve, it may help you, it may not.
I don't really care for faster tempo stuff to be honest. Its just not my thing, I've tried writing a faster song before but eh. Never posted it on here, don't think it'd be liked well at all. Although its more 'metal' so haha I dunno.
Thank you for the criticism though, I'll keep all of that in mind next time I'm working on a song.
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