Hi guys. What would you say, from experience, a good cab or speakers would be to match with an engl powerball. Right now I use an Orange 2x12 which comes with V30s. It sounds really good to my ears, until I put my head at speaker level in order to get a picture of what a mic would pick up. It's kind of harsh and gritty sounding, and I'm wondering if maybe the V30s are adding to that harshness and if there's a speaker better suited to the powerball that would give it a more clear cleaned up sound.
I have a engl cab with my fireball mate, has v60's in it, sounds mint
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If you like the V30, look at the Eminence Governor it has all the good characters with out that spike. If you can get em avatar speakers has a hellatone 60 which is a v30 with a diff cone and pre broken in. WGS speakers are great for the $ also.
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Quote by beckyjc
V30s have a kinda harsh upper mid spike. Just mic it off axis to the center of the speaker, you'll capture less of the highs.

Yeah, even off axis I've found it's hard to get it sounding right so far. Like it won't be so harsh, but it'll still have that gritty sandpaper kind of sound that I don't want. Maybe it's the speaker or amp characteristic, or I need more practice with eq-ing. Though I tried extensively with the amp controls, and then with eq in reaper. Still not so good. This is sort of a half guitar gear, half recording question/issue I guess.

This is the best I've gotten from it so far: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/CapnKickass/music/play1004719 the first one is without added eq in reaper the second one is a retarded eq setting added in reaper.
I'm most likely gonna get a shure 57, this was miced with audio technica atm650.