Poll: Herman lee better then Kirk Hammet?
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8 50%
8 50%
Voters: 16.
found him in this movie, pretty ****ed up stuff haha.


Speeking of Herman lee, yeah what do you guys think of his playing, even though Dragonforce videos are sped up alot. Do u think he's better then kirk Hammet from Metallica or not ha
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And about your question, I think Herman can play faster and more complicated stuff than Kirk, but in terms of everything else (career, live, influence) Kirk wins.
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No I just can't believe you idiots are falling for this.
Excuse me. Herman Li (Spell it, Spell It) actually does play that fast. Although Dragonforce's rhythm playing is simple and quite ****ing easy, lead work is also simple, but, um, really really really really really fast. Yeah. Thats like awesome.
Kirk Hammet is one of the legends. He probally can play as fast as Herman Li, but he doesn't in Metallica (and probally doesnt want too) because it wouldnt fit metallica's sound.
I think its stupid how Dragonforce is kinda dissed in the metal community, I know they are sellouts, but so's Metallica, Megadeth, Bullet for my Valentine, Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God etc.
The drummer and Bass player sucks, only problem, but Herman Li, along with Sam Totman, are talented guitar players with little creative talent and a love for Pac Man noises.
I refuse to vote in the poll.