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i really dig your stuff man! very roomy sound, and cool use of harmonics! if you ever want live drum tracks on your song, PM me!
The first one was a pretty cool laid back song, love the bass tone. Vocals are kind of weird but they add in a unique flavor. Synths towards the end are awesome.

Shame was kind of weird, very different, I can't describe but I dig it. With the fuzzy guitars and the synthesized bass and keys it had a totally weird 80's feel. I did like the part where it sped up into the solo which also just extremely interesting.

Weird stuff, like scatterbrain 80's synth pop. Very good though, I enjoyed it. Keep it up.
Honestly man I have never heard a single band that sound like you

Very unique!

I particularly enjoyed Wrong Crowd, and Bitterness Subside ( I loved the spiritual lyrics. I know how it is man, those long nights spent searching your soul and you finally realize all you have to do is love those you hated before and forgive them and you will find peace with yourself )

I really don't have anything negative to say

I mean, when you stand out this much, how can I even begin to tell you what you did wrong?

You got it going on dude!

Well the vocals are typical what I expect of you no surprise from hearing your past music. The thing that really made this song really enjoyable was the driving bass and guitar. The intro was awesome. The riffs and everything were great. The one thing was it seemed the delays on the 2nd and 3rd "Shame" in the chorus kind of collided. Also the guitar solo to chorus is very sudden.

With Everything

I was instantly won over by the bass tone and bass line at the beginning! The vocals seem a little far back in the mix. There are some really cool things done with the delay, and I think the ending is really cool.

...2 solid songs in usual from you

C4C link:
Nice original stuff, you've got a really solid bass and drums tracks, with some pretty cool guitar stuff going on with some very unique vocals with some cool effects. Nice individual style. Keep it up.
Great playing and feel to the first track dude. I love your tones! That bass tone is ****ing killer! Over all, the feel/mix/playing was really really good. Keep it up bro!
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With everything is pretty cool! I really like the rhythm section and the lead vocals are almost eerie. It reminds me of something but I can't quite place it. Very cool though. I also like what you did with the vocals.

Cool stuff! Not my cup of tea, but very cool.
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Very interesting. It's not my style of music, however, that doesn't detract from the excellent manner in which they were written. Solid tunes, buddy.
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Uhh... I really don't know what you're doing, because this is not my typical listen. The vocals remind me of britpop and everything is just so weird I can't grasp it. It sounds thought though.

I mean it's damn hard to criticize something when I don't know what you've tried to create =D I don't really like brit/synthpop nor pop in general so.... and this is pretty darn weird to listen to for what it is...

I'm very sorry.
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Thanks for the crit

As henkka_potku said, it has a britpop feel, however, I love that, it's almost like, like Pink Floyd, Meets Blur meets Korn, strange, yet awesome, the vocals could be a bit tighter, but overall it's pretty awesome.
with everything: unique sounding song, has an 80's vibe to it. the vocals are quirky but they work, the harmonized vocals help it

shame: i liked this song more. i like the tempo change at around the 2:00. it sounds like you change your tone up to go with every song which is good. i like the bass tone in particular
with everything i like the feel to the song, and the vocals gave it an odd psychedelic feel to it (its a good thing). great tone and recording

shame this is different, i dont think i have heard of anything like it, it sounds like it would fit in a super nintendo fighting game, it has that 90's feel to it is what im trying to say. none the less great work on both songs i think ill bookmark your page and check out some of your other work
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With Everything had a sick bass sound. As a bassist I'm really curious as to how you got that tone? The vocals here really help to make this a unique song, I like the use of delay and when the vocals come in and out. While I dig the synth solo, I think what this song needs is a huge, wailing guitar solo

Shame: Again, cool bass tone. I really like the guitar lead at the beginning. Definitely hearing a lot of early Pink Floyd influence in the vocals. I think that the tone on the rhythm guitar is appropriate, but in my opinion I think it could be improved. A little too crunchy - stiff if you will - at times for my taste. Nailed the solo man. nice one
Ive only had the time to hear With Everything, but man i ****ing love it. Very tripy vocals which got me in right away. Only thing i suggest is when you record using live drums (sounds like garage band? i could be wrong) for them to be a bit heavier cause i think thatll do something to the song
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Thank you for listening and for the comments! I appreciate it!! For "With Everything", here is how I came up with the electric bass sound: Yamaha RBX260 bass > Line 6 Bass PodXT > recorder. Drums are toontrack Superior Drummer 2. The synth bass for "Shame" is a Roland SC-55 Sound Canvas synth module. If anyone wants more details, just ask.
wow... Shame rocks i wish i came up with a couple of those riffs...
what did u use for drums on it? :S

this sounds like something i would do :S
Hey dude, thanks for the crit and as per;

With Everything: The intro is pretty sweet - the layered guitars work very well with the very 'bottley' sound guitar you have playing rhythm. Your vocals always sound very retro in fact always remind me of David Bowie slightly!

Very good use of guitar again as ambient effects and the effects of the vocals. You really seem to have a grasp for what sounds good when. The synth at 2:40 seems a little bit overpowering, bring it down a touch? I really love these ambient endings that people have got going on and this ones a beaut! Nice crunching effects don't seem too overpowering as you'd expect so keep it as it is!

Good work on this track man, only slight things should/could be changed.
FaceFive & salamander121,
Thank you for the reviews! I appreciate it! The drums for "Shame" are from a a Roland SC-55 Sound Canvas synth module driven by an Alesis sequencer.
Thanks for the crit.

Just got done listening to "Shame" and "With Everything" - I dig 'em both. There's a lot of personality present in the music. I almost want to say it reminds me of Devo, with kind of Roger Waters-y vocals.

Dig the guitarwork and solos, vocals are strange (def. in a good way) and catchy, and there's a cool atmoshperic quality to both of the songs.
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As a bassist I think I can formally say I'm quite envious of your bass tone LOL!, loved it on; "What You Did". To be honest though I can't say I'm a huge fan of the vocals on that song, I liked it better on "Shame" though if you asked me to say why I'd probably just say its a preference thing. I love your lead work, pretty solid stuff, and the synths are very nice I actually forgot I was listening to something on UG and not from my iTunes collection so i guess that's always a good thing lol.

Also thanks for the comment on mine!
Keep up the work mate!
Shame is fantastic. I was sceptical about how cool the progression was going to turn out at the beginning, but ended up digging it. Honestly, as a musician I would appreciate it more without the vocals. Not that they're bad, but the groove you have going is very dark and something about them just didn't fit. Only real critique I would have is to maybe check the guitar tone/level on the leads. If you have means of a more present, full sound (depending on how your recording) and you just wanted that ambient, distant sound, then you nailed it. But it seemed a little too quiet/sedated to me, it was cool licks so turn that up for sure.

With Everything - liked the vocals a lot more in this one. Cool effects with the lead guitar, all solid playing. I like your style, especially the rhythms in this one. Reminds me of some mars volta or early coheed and cambria or something, can't quite pin it. I have nothing bad to say about this song.

Keep up the good work!
Sorry dude my bad....looked at an old thread, dunno how.

Anyways ze crits....

With Everything, Nice mixing and production i think the vox effect is a bit over powering at times. overall this has a twist vibe to it that I've enjoyed. Has that 80's weirdness about it.

Shame....Now this is very 80's darker kinda punkish pop stuff, I can't give you a band to compare to though.
love the solo lead lines and lick fit well.

Again soz for the **** up. =)

Keep it up mate.
I've been putting crits on here for the past 3 days and nobody returns the favor but I know you do so I'm glad you have new stuff up bro.

I listened to the two latest songs and "with everything" caught my ears the most so I gave it few listens while I wrote down my thoughts.

Intro - I gathered most of the things I have always enjoyed about your tunes and thats the janes addiction influence.

Verse - creepy haunting vocals that I assume you are still figuring out?

Guitar playing is always superb I love your tone and playing

Mixing is overall amazing

The crit I can give on this one is a comment on campyness of the tunes vocals and lack of a recognizable hook.

Also 3:40 is amazing that is such a sweet spot in the track

but amazing none the less keep it up and keep me posted.

check out my latest :
Hey dude, thanks for the crit. As like last time, I found it hard to crit your stuff, it's very unique

With Everything -
Love it. It doesn't sound like anything I'd normally listen to, but it just works... Love the reverb you stuck after the vocals round the 1:50 mark. The only criticism I could maybe give is the melody of the vocals themselves. They're good but not memorable if you know what I mean. But then again I know you're probably not going for hooks and poppy stuff :P Good stuff!

Shame -
Reminded me slightly of a rockier Sledgehammer, with Fred Schneider singing over it :P Again, great work, love the drum change at 1:56 too, keeps everything interesting. If I have to find criticism (and it's hard) it would again be the lack of melody vocal wise, I guess my point is kind of redundant as it's your style and if you changed it probably wouldn't work

I really like your stuff dude, are you on soundcloud by any chance? That website annoys me for some reason... :P
so both tracks are really well produced in my opinion. the second track shame has a cheesier sound to it. i think its the treble high and fuzz guitars put together. but the cheesiness isnt bad. the singing is definitely better on shame. but at the same time I think with everything is better structured as a song. It just flows better. shame flows almost like a melange of different parts in the same key and in slightly different times. overall though really fun to listen to and interesting tracks.
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Thank you for listening & leaving a reply! I appreciate it! I basically only have my tunes on, not on soundcloud. I find soundclick has better sound quality than most, and opens pretty fast, and most always works for me. I have one song on another site, but I don't even remember where, I ended up not liking it. You can also put a ton of songs on soundclick!
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Very nice, very unique. It's much tighter than what I shared. Of course, I like to post half finished projects . I don't think there's a whole lot you can do to improve on what's already been birthed here though.
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Hey dude, thanks for your crit!

Everything is a really nice song. Especially the intro is sick, as is your guitar-tone. The drums sound a bit cheap in the beginning, but as soon as the guitars come in, it's hardly noticeable. The bit at 1:47 reminds me on something, but I can't put my finger on it.

At all, a really nice song dude. Nothing really wrong about it!

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With Everything: This is my favorite of the two, production well done, Doors meet Nirvana meets Smashing Pumkins. I enjoy the bass groove and the roomy voice effects completed the song. Definately made a hit song there.

Shame: Still a good production imo, liked the intro especially, the electronic feel made this song. You are quite good at producing great tunes. Keep it up...
Thanks for commenting on my stuff!

With Everything: Interesting production, I really like the hypnotic vibe and the overall groove. I feel the vocals could be evened a bit with some compression or volume automation though, and I think the synth at around 2:40 is rather loud in comparison to the rest of the instrumentation.

Shame: Nice! The only thing bugging me here is the tone, sounds rather lo fi-ish/digital. Have you tried using impulses among with whatever you're using to record? Maybe that could help giving more warmth to the tone.
Wow this is some great stuff, very orginal. I like your vocal style, really cool use of effects on with everything. it's like a tripped out AIC. good job
Thanks for critiquing Very Angry Llamas.

Both songs sounded really good. If I had to find a fault, I think the guitar in the beginning of With Everything was a little too much, but that's being very picky. Interesting vocals, I like the use of echo or harmony. Guitar tone was perfect, and as everyone has said, the bass tone on With Everything was sick.
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I really like "With Everything" because of the bass line and the odd and in-your-face vocals. Although for some reason i thought of "My hero" by the foo fighters because of the bassline haha.

"Shame" is also really cool. Another great bassline with a sort of ambient lead to it. I feel like it's a wall of sound when the high gain guitar and bass are playing together. But I'm not saying that as a bad thing. I like that type of stuff. Haha.

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Thanks for the crit ! The song With Everything is sickk, I love the bass line and how everything fots togeather, but the vocals are soooo weird lmao. Not a bad thing at all, but verry different, I dont think a lot of people could appreciate it but personally I liked it a lot. Definatly a kick ass song.

Shame: interesting intro, I like how it builds tention as the tempo rises, imo the best part of the song. The lyrics are very weird in this song too but I only really like it during the chorus sections, otherwise it just feels idk like it doesnt fit. Still a very good song tho. The solo section is also very interesting, and i like the breakdown after it. Keep it up!
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you're probably the most unique musician on ultimate-guitar right now haha
everyone else is here playing punk and metal and trying to get people to listen to their songs which all sound the the same

and here you are with your unique alternative rock awesomeness!
love the song "with everything"- especially the vocals. they remind me of the band wolfmother, but in a less try-hard-blues-rock way.

also, cheers for the comment on my composition!
"With Everything":
Insanely catchy at the intro and hasn't stopped yet. Loving this a hell of a lot. Vocals are different in a great way. The bass is great. Awesome guitar/bass tones. This track really needs a crazy solo somewhere towards the end of the song. It's awesome.

Really sick intro. It creeps in on me. Very 80's feel to me. Really cool riffs. And again, your vocals make this a very unique piece. Loving the emotion you put into your material.

Critique for critique, kind sir?
To me your music is kind of like the Talking Head's dark asshole, nihilistic brother

As for how good it is: It's technically very impressive. But it's not what I listen to. (but I'm kind of a pop/catchy *****). One thing I'd say and that I remember from your last songs, is that I only pick up half of your lyrics. Now I'm someone who's ear is attracted to the lyrics more than the rest of the music. Even in songs where people don't care about their lyrics I hang onto every word. But in yours I miss half of it. And from what I've heard yours aren't even bad. They just... slip. So maybe I'd work on delivery and making the pauses between the words clear or something. With all the lyrics clear it'd be easier for me at least to get the overall feel of the song. Whereas now I pick up the "Shammmme" and "**** you"s but miss the smaller stuff and overall gist of the song
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