So this is my 2nd cover, and tbh I think its so sloppily recorded at times that oh my god.

6505+ through a Benton G212 Vintage. SM57 into a Fast Track Ultra.

Completely learned and recorded in a single day!


After i finished it and converted to mp3 (after that cant rly change) Ive noticed some shitty stuff which I now feel about like ugh srsly.. But at some parts, I just couldnt manage making them better.
-the double tracking not being equally timed at some parts

I also recorded most parts with less gain that I usually play with, because I double tracked the shit. The solo I however did not double track, but forgot to add the remaining gain and it sounds a little weak in my opinion. Makes me a little pissed...

Also stuff like the post-solo (soloish, melody part before the chorus) I just recorded the first take, and did not double track, and that too didnt have enough gain. I also had some 'mistakes' in it and that too pisses me off, doesnt sound good rly...

The overall picture does sound pretty good for me though. Im happy!

Not bad man Not bad, I thought the tone wasn't quite right...

It didn't seem to have the, ummm, power of the original. Power? Does that make sense haha

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My Gear
Encore E6 Blaster Series (My First Guitar, Great to learn on)
Jackson DK2S
Fender Squier Telecaster Custom
BB10 10 Watt something or another...
60 Watt Marshall JCM 2000 TSL602
Boss ME-50 Multi Effects Pedal
I aint no pro at mixing and such yet though Could be that. And also I didnt feel like wasking a million hours to produce it better.

Im happy anyways.

Recommendations for next cover?

Thanks bro!