I just got a new guitar and the guy threw the hard shell case in free and said i just need to get the smell out of it. Its kind of like an old musty smoke smell. Ive already tried febreeze and putting a box of baking soda in it for a couple days but it didnt work. Does anyone know how to get the smell out? Id rather not throw it away becuase its a really nice and expensive hard shell case.
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Try leaving the case open. If not you can buy those deodorizers you use for laundry or the house. They come in many forms, but I like the ones that come in these cool jelly looking beads.
Where do you live, and how's the weather most of the time? I had a very "smoky" smelling case, and I left it open outside for about 2 days, and it got rid of the smell.
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I like the smell of a new case.. it's like buying a new car.

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Um.... yeah the kittens thing sounds like it'll work.
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If you got cologne you could try spraying that on it.
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Just let it air out. It'll go away for the most part. However, be warned: it won't go completely away. My case smelled like pot when I got it, and my mom STILL asks me if I'm stashing weed in my guitar stuff since most of it smells like its been getting smoked out in a room full of pot smoke for about a week.

Which is odd, because I honestly don't smoke.
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Fill it with horse5hit.

It's bound to get rid of the smoky smell....
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