I've been into Japanese rock for a while now, but I don't know many songs or bands. I like the approach to songwriting, and the vocal style. I also notice the singers like to use vibrato A LOT. everything just seems so different and unique IMO compared to our American rock. So Please Post some bands or songs, if you know 'em, that you'd like to share!

Here's a couple I know of:

Abingdon Boys School: Howling
Gackt: Redemption
Inoue Joe: Closer

And one thats kinda Indie/funky-esque:

Sambomaster: Seishun Kyousoukyoku(crazy name, I know)

Please let me know if this is the wrong forum so I can move my thread. Thanks!
Orange Range
The Pillows
High and mighty Colour
Girls Dead Monster
Aqua Timez
Chiaki Kuriyama
The Gomband
Kishida Kyoudan & The Myoujou Rocket
Long Shot Party
Marina Fujiwara
Nico Touches The Walls
Rookiez is Punk'd
Stance Punks
Theatre Brook
Tommy Heavenly6

Just to name a few
Thanks! The one I think I've ever heard of out of there is Orange Range. I'll check em all out :]