crit in my profile...real short but i really played from my soul on this one
I am floored man

Your original classical piece as well as your Fur Elise are awesome. Was that rasgueado on the spanish piece?

I can't wait for you to compose your own classical epic

And.. might I add.. Purple Haze was sick. I never would have thought sweeps would mix well with Hendrix but you made me a believer. Your solos are clean!

Your country picking really reminded me of Jerry Reed (definitely in a good way)

Keep rocking dude
This is simply fantastic!

This kept me thoroughly entertained the entire time I really really dig melodically sweet music and this hits it on the nail.

Huge sweet spot at me :19 - :35

Some simple recording flaws would be nice to get rid of like the change in the volume and the signal noise

Keep it up man great talent

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