i have a fender mustang and i want to have a humbucker in the bridge and i wondered if you could reroute it to fit a humbucker, if so how much would it cost?
(p.s. i know you can buy humbukers in the shape of single coils but i still want to know)
You can do it, probably the most cost effective would be to buy a cheap router and do it yourself, although there's more chance of it going wrong.

It only really involves having the correct shape jig for the router to cut to, and obviously ensuring that it all lines up correctly so all the poles sit under each string as you'd expect. I have no idea what it would cost to have a pro do it, but probably a lot. You'd also have to look at reshaping the scratchplate if there is one over the pickup. You can do it with a hacksaw and a file but it could go badly and look pretty poor if you rush it. Don't use a router on it, for the love of God don't use a router on thin plastic :L
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