This is a channel that has all of the songs from a rock opera that me and a friend wrote. It's based completely on an elaborate inside joke, so the lyrics probably won't make a ton of sense to anyone who isn't clued in but I figured it would be helpful to get some feedback on the music from people who don't know the story or know the people involved. Keep a few things in mind if you happen to listen to any of these songs:
-yes, the vocals are not very good but we're not singers so yea
-Yes the drumming isn't very good but I'm a guitar player who doesn't have a damn clue what I'm doing on the drums
-also the sound quality isn't the greatest as we used substandard recording equipment and I also did all the mixing and have little to no clue about music production

Hopefully you can enjoy it for what it is, and any feedback would be appreciated, and the link should now work
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