Hey guys.

Well some mates and I are playing a few songs for his going away party in a month and we've had some issues with our sound.

We are at all different skill levels too, I'm probably the most serious player along with the drummer. However the other guitarist would be around my skill level with the drummer then followed by the bass player. I'm stating this because I had a problem with the sound and they're calling me crazy, whereas I can clearly hear an issue and it's stopping me from playing, I can't even keep the solo going because the rhythm sounds so tense.

Bass player is fine to my ears, I'm blaming to drummer, none of the others can hear it but the songs sound dead. with no dynamics, no feel and it sounds like he's struggling too.

To me the drums sound tense /stiff mainly, and completely lack flow and a tight sound.
The other bandmembers says it sounds fine and i'm a perfectionist.

They think I have high standards and I think they have low standards basically.

They believe they almost sound like the songs, I'd call them closer to unplayable.
Like they can play it the parts that's about it, everything else lacks not making it a song.


I'll let you decide.

The point of this thread btw is a 3rd opinion.

In that link is the drumers old band he is the only one of us in those recordings.
You're confusing me, and that doesn't happen often.

You say that you're the most serious player, along with the drummer. You also mention that you're all at different skill levels. Then, you say the other guitarist is around your skill level with the drummer, followed by the bass player.

Did you contradict yourself?

Then, you say the drummer is to blame for this problem - that he's struggling. Sounds to me like the drummer is less skilled than everyone in the group.

Not picking at nits here, but I just found it hard to follow, because everything contradicted everything else.
Sorry yeah it is confusing. Depends how you rate skill

Drummer has mad chops but can't keep time at all he's been playing as long as me, can play dream theatre fills but can't play come as you are tight. The bass player doesn't play much and is a beginner but is at least jammable in my eyes.

I'd rate it:

Other guitarist
Bass player

Drummer and bass player interchangable.

Don't listen to me anyway listen to the link (which only has the drummer in it btw, the other instruments are his OLD band members)
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The drumming sounds really boring, but he sounds like he's in time the entire time, so I can't really fault the guy.

If you have a couple of weeks, ask the guy to practice a little more. Not like a dick, mind you, but just "Hey, I was wondering if you and I could jam some of these rhythm parts a couple of times". That way, you're getting him to practice with you, so you can try to apply your standards without requiring him to woodshed all alone.

Now, that said, it's a party. It's not Lollapalooza. It's not Woodstock. It's not Mayhem/Download/warped Tour. It's a backyard party. Most of the people you know won't know the music so well and won't be there to critique you. If you can put on a halfway decent show and decent doing it, you're fine.
Drummer sounds good to me, the snare is really lacking.. not my kind of sound.. sounds to weak and there's no snap to it.. sounds like a tom.

As for the time and such.. i can tell that he's playing everything.. guitar rhythm.. bass line's. He's following the flow of the entire song.. and that's a good thing. This may sound strange if your just trying to hear a steady beat on its own all the time.

In that recording the main guitar riff was very lacking rhythmically to me, i felt that some muted strings/palm mute / harmonics... something to add to the riff percussively..
and i noticed that the drummer actually picked that up and added it himself.

He's not the greatest and the snare sounds bad but he knows what everyone is doing and plays accordingly. I could work with him

Also, cymbal work is lacking.. maybe adding to that "boring" sound.
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