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Ridiculous food combos that taste delicious

-Oreos and Marshmallows

also, dry Special K with a glass of water on the side <.<
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breakfast burritos with seasoned fries instead of potatoes.

and if anyone's interested:

3 scoops of cookies and cream ice cream
1/2 cup of milk
2 shots of kahlua
1 shot of bacardi
1 banana
a nice big scoop of ice.

blend ingredients.
pour into standard drinking glass
garnish with an oreo.
Go Veg.
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take an oreo, and wrap it in chocolate chip cookie dough. yum.

also, peanut butter and chocolate spread sandwiches.
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Chips (fries, not crisps) and tuna mayonnaise sandwiches are both delicious dipped in custard.


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A glass of water and a cruton.
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Bread... Honey... Peanut butter... Jelly... Banana (see earlier post)...

It's a marriage made in heaven.


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If you get smokey bacon flavour crisps, crunch them up, mix with ketchup and put into a sandwich, it's becomes a crunchy bbq sauce flavoured dream

I'm eating these mint Milanos right now, and of course it's a sin to do so without dipping them in milk. Turns out all I have is chocolate milk. And you know what bitch? This combination is the best goddamn shit ever.
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cheeseburger with jelly. just like Spongebob.
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