Ok, I Bought An Ibanez RG370DX With An Edge III Bridge Fitted with with .009 gauge strings, I recently fitted it with gauge 11 strings and the bridge now dives forward (into the guitar) so, is this the problem? I have adjusted the spring tension. Should I just revert to .009's?
So it had 09s in it at first and then fitted it with 11s?

You need to adjust the tension more.
Thicker strings need MORE tension.


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Yeah, I have adjusted the tension to the Minimum in the strings, (didnt work) Then Maximum (didnt work) its an otherwise perfect guitar. So it is the strings?
You need to tighten the screws in the back of the guitar near the springs until the bridge is level with the guitar body. You need to keep retuning as you do that as obviously the strings will go out of tune. If you have the cash id get a set up, much less risk of damaging your guitar and hopefully it should be set for 11s for the duration you have it.
trust me, you NEED patience with an edge/floyd/floating trem. it takes a while to get it perfect if you're changing string gauges. i have an RG350M with an adge 3 and i changed the strings from 9's to 12's and obviously i needed to mess with the spring tension. tighten the screws because the strings are adding more tension which needs to be equalled. Alternatively take it to a guitar store for a setup.
Yeah Iv did that. Im pretty experienced with setting up guitars. Im just thinking about going back to .009s. Im gonna be playing in E now cause im gonna try and start and Iron Maiden Tribute Band

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I had the same issue, before i added another 2 springs.
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Quote by Milotic
I had the same issue, before i added another 2 springs.

i dont think theres another space for an extra few springs on the 370dx
Ok, i fixed it kinda... now the bridge is leaning forwards a little, shoul I de-tune before adjusting it?
Detune, adjust, re-tune. Repeat as needed to make it sit perfectly. Otherwise you'll be tuning and re-tuning every other note.

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