So.. I've been thinking of ways to get rid of the lead connecting the amp to the pedalboard so i don't have to carry a huge lead round to gigs with me to run around the stage in order to have my board at the front, considering i'm a singer in the middle of the stage it's quite inconvenient having leads running around everyone.

Is there anyway of getting rid of this lead or do i need it?


you could get a wireless to go from your amp to board
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Well the obvious answer is a wireless system.. no?
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Quote by Inversemetal
See, i have a wireless pack already.. Line 6 Relay, but is the only solution buying another one?

If you don't want the cables/leads going back and forth (and also not having to carry the longer leads around like you mentioned), yes, that's the only option. If you can stomach carrying the leads along with some extra stuff, then another option would be to run it like normal and bring carpets to cover them. You don't need huge carpets, you can cut some up as runners just so they go about a foot or so to either side. Just enough to cover the leads and lay flat and not move.


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