Anyone play this? If so do you guys get annoyed by opposite team purposely tackling, getting red cards, and scoring own goals when down by alot. This has happened to me in my last four games and im thinking about giving up on online because it pretty much ruins the game for me.
I'm always the keeper and people don't tend to be amused when they notice me playing as a second striker..
The plan was to drink until the pain over.
But what's worse, the pain or the hangover?
Who am I? I'm a titan so be expectin' a clash.
team play sounds gay.
In theory it could be cool but you actually need to have a team of people you trust, else it will sucks grandious ass.
The corners of your mouth feel dry and rather itchy, don't they?

(oh god, I just noticed this one) Your penis is never quite comfortable in its current position.

oh btw:
manual blinking activated
So much potential to be decent, but unfortunately every game is just 22 people playing up front and going for glory themselves.
I hate it when everyones always picking Barcelona, Spain, or Russia. Or when someone on your team starts dribbling backwards into his own goal. Or when someone drags your goalie way into midfield for no reason.

Or the worst one....when a teammate is spamming the 2nd man press button constantly dragging our defenders out of position.