...for my Squier bullet-strat

Basically, i know how to tweak the saddles and (hopefully) i have the tiny wrench lying around somewhere, but i don't know exactly:

How would i know when the saddles are in their right place and all in order?
Because i sometimes get an unwanted vibration in the higher strings (e.g. when bending, it sometimes disrupts or cuts off the note) - would that mean that it's
too low? too high? not in line with the neck/the other strings?

help is very much appreciated
saddle are for intonating the guitar, tune your string, lets say the low E, to perfect pitch. then play the 12th fret of that same string and check if the note is flat or sharp, adjust the saddle to the right side, to the neck or towards the bridge. adjust until the 12th fret also has perfect pitch. then the intonation is perfect
continue for every string and you should have a perfectly intonated guitar.

EDIT:i guess your problem is eigther in your technique or you could try to raise the bridge a little.
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The vibration you're talking about is probably a buzz, right? That's fret buzz, and on a Strat the saddles are for fixing that as well. Intonating (what wolvenrick described) is done via the screws on the back of the bridge, furthest towards the input jack side of the guitar.

Fixing your fret buzz is done by raising and lowering the saddles, yes. Theres no magic formula for how high or low it should be, that's personal preference. I would start by raising them bit by bit, making sure to keep the saddles level (there are two screws, just adjust them by the same amount). Periodically check to see if the buzz is gone. From there, set the height of the strings as high or low as you feel comfortable playing.

Also check out the sticky on setting up a guitar. It had diagrams and more in-depth directions.
It also might be that they vibrate when the strings vibrate and are touching, causing a buzz. Happened to me. try spacing them out with a little nudge