Haven't had enough time at my computer to do this, and since you yucks DEMAND a review n' shit, it took some time, especially since the pics are taking forever to be formatted for a dumb reason. But for any of you who care, here's the revealing:

EDIT: **** that, too much work. Here's a a pic of what I got:

Ta-Daa. It's a reverb.

It's mostly what I expected it to be. Atmospheric reverb, although how exciting can reverb get? I kind of wish I could make crazy sounds with it, but since it's really nice and pleasant sounding and does the "studio" reverb really well (it's more of a deep, atmoshperic reverb than a splashy one), I like it.

It does the self-oscillate thing too, but it usually just makes feedback that doesn't seem to be able to be manipulated. It also is either really subtle, or full on you're-in-a-very-large-space. I dunno, need more time with it. Exactly what I was looking for though! (Again, not an overly springy sounding verb. So, you couldn't compare it to the chicklett or other spring reverb pedals. This one's just different) Haven't checked out how it sounds with my amp's distortion yet, but with pedal distortion, it works well and isn't muddy.
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HNPD dude
i came here suspecting you of bad earthquake jokes with all the recent activity
now i facepalm myself xD
gilbert gotfried would lol

the pedal looks nice! Can it do synth pad-like swell tones?
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who the **** would joke about earthquakes?

Also cheers on the awesome reverb!

me xD


do they make it in japan? xDDD


and now clipz!! xD
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gilbert gotfried would lol

the pedal looks nice! Can it do synth pad-like swell tones?

Not sure, gotta try it out when I get my volume pedal back from my friend. And I could possibly make some clips... Let me try right now.

EDIT: Leaving for my mom's birthday, maybe later.
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