Boss DD-20 - £offers?
Like new condition, comes with box and manual and all that. Not being used so I might as well get rid of it.

Lead Foot Volume Pedal - £15 posted
Very simple, cheap, plastic volume pedal. Works fine, no tone loss to my ears.

Stag UPC-535 - £20 collected from Bristol or can work out postage.
Not gigged but used a few times at band practice. Great cheap alternative to any of the crazy expensive pedalboards.
Height: 320mm (12.59 inches)
Width: 535mm (21 inches)
Depth: 83mm (3.3 inches)

there was a few people on musicradar recently look for cheaper boards, may be worth posting there as well
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Nah sorry mate, need the cash to use until I find a job this summer

Its cool, I can't get a job either atm. Hence why I'm offering trades
Good luck selling
I'm selling an ernie ball wah pedal. Buy my ernie ball wah pedal.
Wah pedal.

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Pedalboard is gone awaiting payment.

The other two are on evilbay, but you can still send me offers on here.