Hey all, just a fun song, meant to be a parody of slightly older-skool Bodom/Norther-esque stuff. Really enjoyed making this, hope you like the results... Apologies for my awful singing!


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i almost skipped over this because i'm not a death metal kinda guy. glad i didn't. didn't really hear much death metal in it. your melodic phrase that repeats throughout the song is very catchy i really liked it. the rhythm playing was interesting enough to keep me listening (i'm more of an old school metal guy) and fit well with the other parts. really nice solo that fit well and managed to not be a boring shred fest. personally i'm not a fan of growling vocals but your regular voice wasn't bad at all. certain elements seemed to get a little lost in your mix at times. a mix that has more dynamics would better suit the song.

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thanx for the fast C4C on my song. i'm still working on getting the drums to sound good so thanx for your input. i'll try to add some reverb to give them a little more life next time. as for the bass well i'm not a bass player and just lay something down for my own songs. probably should learn proper bass techniques. oh and music is music so don't worry about genres. that song was just a vehicle to show the slower side of my playing (not really my style if you like).
Love the melody going there man, cool into, drums were a bit mechanical, but the guitar let me look far past that.
it seemed like a straight to the point fun song. the singing wasnt bad at all, i thought it fit well with the song. the clean parts sounded like you were holding back your voice, almost like if you were embarrassed to be singing. project your voice out more on those parts and let them ring more, dont cut them too soon. overall good job

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Great tone! Extremely clear, more clear than most recordings here on UG. What amp and interface are you using? Love the face ripping Arch Enemy-ish riffs. Singing wasn't bad at all, you just need to have more confidence is all. Also, the screams are kind of generic but they definitely work in context. Kick drum was a little muddy but the drums sound decent as a whole Overall pretty good song, keep it up. Looking forward to more from ya!
Hey man, in this particular case my guitar signal chain was:

RR24 -> Blackstar DISTX -> MXR EQ pedal -> ISP Decimator -> Laney LV300T (This thing has been a bargain) -> SM57 -> POD Studio UX1.

Yeah I agree, the Kick drum seems to be filling out the bottom end of the mix a bit too much. Makes the whole thing sound a bit muddy. Will have to look at the EQ on that, see if I can learn anything haha!

Thanks for the crit man!
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Nice song man

Vocals were great all around but I thought the screams were superb

The tremolo picked riffs were all awesome and the overall musical feel was great

Everything sounded good

Would have loved to see some more soloing though